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My name is Orion Mott.  I use my passion and extensive knowledge of the healing arts to provide you with a broad range of techniques,  to facilitate the necessary paradigm shift that will allow you to realize your true potential.

You are a unique expression of divinity, and it is always my joy to help you experience that reality. Through my expertise in Reiki, Reiki Classes, Concussion Therapy, BodyTalk, Spiritual Mentorship, Trance-Channeling, Medical Intuitive Readings, Personal Training, Past Life Regression, and Corrective Exercise Therapy, I can to help you reconnect with your innate wisdom.

The Following images are links to all of my websites.

  • Toronto Concussion Therapy.com

    Energy Neuroplasticity

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  • Toronto Natural Healing.com

    Toronto Healer Directory

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  • Toronto Reiki Classes.com

    Find Your Inner Master

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